GTPTGraded Therapeutical Physical Training
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Bush, and Carter), but his rate of 1.0 GTPT is the highest by far, the next highest being Reagan at 0.82.
During his time in office, his speeches indicate an attempt to maintain such a separation, at least rhetorically; for all speeches he has the lowest RTPT of any president, and the third lowest GTPT. Similarly, Jimmy Carter has the fourth lowest RTPT and the lowest GTPT.
Even with this wide range of speeches concentrating on a multitude of topics, inaugurals are the speeches with the highest rate of GTPT and second highest rate of RTPT, behind speeches following national tragedies or disasters--speeches that one may expect to contain high levels of religiosity.
The high rates found in defense speeches, which have the second highest RTPT rate for policy speeches, and a GTPT rate almost double the overall speech average, is a result of presidents of both parties imbuing such speeches with religious language.
The mean for the optimal makespans was 485.41, whereas the mean for the GTPT, LTPT and random rules were 569.16, 567.81 and 571.73 respectively.
It therefore seems that the GTPT and the LTPT rules have little to recommend their use to construct schedules for the five-machine, five-job flow shop.
* The GTPT and the LTPT rules perform no better than the random assignment rule.