GTRIGeorgia Tech Research Institute
GTRIGlobal Threat Reduction Initiative
GTRIGlobal Technology Resources Inc. (technical support)
GTRIGeorgia Technology Research Institute
GTRIGlobal Tuberculosis Research Initiative (est. 1998; World Health Organization)
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Elaborating upon the discovery, Washington Tapia, GTRI director and expedition leader, said that genetic studies will be carried out to "reconfirm" that the tortoise found belongs to the Fernandina Island species.
Through this acquisition, GTRI, now Zivaro Inc., will be better able to address the IT security needs of the education sector.
(11.) GTRI is a US-led initiative that aims at protecting against and reducing excessive civilian nuclear and radiological materials worldwide, particularly highly enriched uranium.
Margaret Loper, a chief researcher at the GTRI, explains: "In the Internet of Things world, there are machines coming and going, so it is going to be much more dynamic.
These activities take full advantage of the assistance available from the IAEA and the GTRI.
According to Administration officials, these programs are designed to keep these weapons "out of the hands of terrorists and states of concern, [to lock down] dangerous nuclear and biological materials, [to eliminate] chemical weapons, [to destroy] legacy weapons, and [to build] capabilities and conduct operations to prevent acquisition, contain and roll back threats, and respond to [CBRN] crises." (13) President Obama specifically placed a priority on securing vulnerable nuclear materials worldwide, and has both engaged international partners through the Nuclear Security summit process and accelerated funding for the Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI) with this goal in mind.
To do this, the National Nuclear Security Administration established the Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI) in the Office of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation.
"We have already observed clear performance benefits - an estimated temperature decrease from 285[degrees]C to 181[degrees]C--using a material of 50 percent diamond in a 250-[micro] shim," said Jason Nadler, a GTRI research engineer who is leading the project.
Steve "Flash" Gordon has worked for GTRI in his current position for 5 years.
The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) may possess the secret to baking perfect buns every time.
GTRI researchers have proven that an inexpensive graphics processing unit (GRU) can bust passwords at the speed of a $100 million supercomputer.
15 -- The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) has created a new Cyber Technology and Information Security Laboratory (CTISL) to apply GTRI's broad expertise and systems engineering experience in cyber-related research to a wide range of information security issues.