GTSBGM (Genetically Modified) Glyphosate-Tolerant Soya Bean
GTSBGreater Toronto Services Board (est. 1998; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
GTSBGovernor's Traffic Safety Bureau (Iowa)
GTSBGeneralized Tangential Sphere Bound
GTSBGigaspeed Technology Sdn. Bhd. (Selangor, Malaysia)
GTSBGlucose Teepol Salt Broth
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The Vital Signs and GTSB teams then discussed ways to coordinate their efforts and even discussed the idea of undertaking a joint report, but were not able to reach immediate agreement due to conflicting agendas.
Following the amalgamation of Toronto, the Province also established the Greater Toronto Services Board (GTSB).(4) The GTSB was given no legislative authority except to oversee regional transit.
Neither the creation of the new City of Toronto nor the GTSB has adequately addressed these fundamental regional problems.
(4.) The Greater Toronto Services Board Act, 1998 sets out the structure and responsibilities of the Greater Toronto Services Board (GTSB) and the Greater Toronto Transit Authority.
A year later, as a result of legislation approved in late 1998, the Greater Toronto Services Board (GTSB) came into being.
Leach claims that the GTSB "will not be another level of government.
Some will argue that the GTSB is so weak that the government did in fact cave in to its outer suburban supporters.
It is Toronto that is the outrider among major North American cities, in respect to the creation of both the megacity and the GTSB. It is Toronto that is the special case.
The fact that it ultimately chose not to make any changes in such a period is hardly surprising, especially since local agreement on the need for a CDM in Montreal was much less apparent than local agreement in Toronto on the need for a GTSB.