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He also approved the transfer of Ceramic Training Center Akora Khattak to KP TEVTA which should be used for GTVC (B) Jehangira.
Regarding the transfer of plot at Batkhela for the construction of GTVC Batkhela, Pervez Khattak directed to get the opinion of the Housing Department before the transferring of the plot to KP TEVTA.
GTVC can track chemical or smoke plumes and help management personnel plan evacuation routes for emergencies such as hurricanes, fires, or flooding.
Also, GTVC records each user's actions so that those in command can review them after the event to improve planning for future incidents.
They are prioritizing work on 130 potential new features and requirements for the next version of GTVC software.
GTRI is working with the Georgia Forestry Commission to adapt GTVC to track smoke during planned burns of forested land.
Almost interchangeably, TSCs are associated with tourism value chains (TVCs), tourism industry chains, or global tourism value chains (GTVCs).
It also approved operationalization of four GTVCs for Women, constructed by Pakistan Army at Swat, Chakdara, Chitral and Boni.