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GUACGeneral University Academic Center
GUACGroundwater Users Advisory Committee (Arizona)
GUACGuida Universale Al Cornetto (Italian: Universal Guide to the Cornet)
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Arginine:glycine amidinotransferase (AGAT) is the enzyme responsible for the conversion of arginine and glycine into guanidinoacetate (GuAc) and ornithine in creatine biosynthesis.
"Hi-Fashion Press-On Nails FOR YOUNG GLAMOUR GIRLS," Big League Chew, Chinese Mushroom Candy (whatever the heck that is), a rawhide dog bone, Elvis bubblegum cards, an "OFFICIAL GUAC BALL" ("Remove your GUAC BALL from its poly bag and inflate with your face until tight and round.
"Can you believe it?" said gobsmacked Claudia, 47, before tucking into vegan treats by Bosh, including their la guac burgers.
Then, load up your snack table with guac and chips, fresh fruit and salads.
"She taught me and I kind of just fell in love.The tacos, the guac, the onions, the shrimp, the shell.
NIGHT A game of beach rounders with my close friends and family as the sun sets in Santa Barbara, then a dinner of delicious Mexican food, with extra guac, and cocktails.
* Watch the guac. If you don't want the 230 calories in a half-cup serving, get it on the side and use half.
In the first month of 2017 AFM started off with its Guac Nation promotion focusing on snacks and party foods from Avocados From Mexico and Old El Paso.
The Guac Nation program offers ways to increase consumer avocado demand and consumption around football gatherings.
@POTUS (no-one's beating that in a Twitter handle contest) tweeted: "Respect the nyt but not buying peas in guac."
Just don't sit there with a bowl of chips and guac in front of you while you mindlessly watch the game.
Mexican food, a burrito , loads of guac' love it, soooooo fattening though.