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According to the particulars of the case, Guar had some time in 2004 bought 50,000 units of Access Bank Plc shares through Meristem Securities Limited and gave his office address as Jos, Plateau state.
National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX) launched Indias first Agri-Options on guar seed futures in the presence of SEBI, WDRA, Industry Associations, Government Officials and FPO members.
The first agri-commodity options in guar seed, which is uniquely designed by National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) and approved by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), is expected to deepen trade and will benefit farmers in reaping improved price realizations for their produce, with limited downside risk.
45% guar gum was awarded the scores comparable to the full fat cheese for most of the traits.
The result of the deal with Prime Meridian Resources concluding will see all debt within the Guar Bean JV company eliminated, PMR paying all ongoing costs and also the return of ZAR 1.
In terms of materials, it is evident that the higher moisture content corresponds to samples coated with guar gum (> 3%) which is also related to its ability to bind and immobilize water, a product of its high viscosity.
Guar gum is a fine powder obtained by grinding guar seeds, which has numerous commercial applications, especially in the food, oil, explosives, tobacco, ink, plastic, textile and plastic industries.
Until about a decade ago, guar was bought mainly by the food industry, which uses guar gum as a thickener for things like ice cream and ketchup, and as an ingredient that keeps bakery goods moist.
The growing demand from various industrial applications and the increasing demand for natural food additives are driving the guar gum market.
Service firms are simply passing that on to their suppliers of raw materials, including sand and guar.
Due to rich source of galactomannan its grains are processed for extracting gum commonly known as guar gum or guaran.