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GUARDRAILUS Army RC-12 SIGINT aircraft sensor
GUARDRAILArmy Airborne Communications Intelligence Collection System
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The witnesses said the guardrail had torn through his flesh.
The In-Service Performance Evaluation pilot aims to improve roadway safety by making it easier for States to uniformly collect performance data on guardrails.
The 2015 Volvo tractor with box trailer damaged more than 300 feet of guardrail before rolling over and blocking the left lane of northbound I-5.
Many of these techniques would not be suitable for inspecting guardrail posts because they are too time-consuming to be used on a system with so many individual test pieces.
While no additional standards exist in Europe, the use of guardrails to create pathways for a pedestrian is much more predominant.
In this case, the Trinity guardrails passed the muster of the Federal Highway Administration, which originally approved the redesign in 2005.
Guardrail (known as civil engineering element and traffic safety element) installation may help to reduce the number of human injuries and fatalities caused by traffic accidents.
Barrett Steel has introduced a new, patented guardrail system for both internal and external use.
A 51-seat bus carrying 43 people smashed through a highway guardrail after it collided with an sedan carrying...
In this case, the obstacle may be represented by a road guardrail, lighting pole, railway switch, tree, gate or any building or structure located near the road, etc.
The mathematical model of road guardrail presented in the paper may be used by researchers, practical workers and experts for modelling and studying various traffic situations (e.g.