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GUARDRAILUS Army RC-12 SIGINT aircraft sensor
GUARDRAILArmy Airborne Communications Intelligence Collection System
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The In-Service Performance Evaluation pilot aims to improve roadway safety by making it easier for States to uniformly collect performance data on guardrails.
The 2015 Volvo tractor with box trailer damaged more than 300 feet of guardrail before rolling over and blocking the left lane of northbound I-5.
Even more concerning, Oorreel suggests, is that too many existing steel guardrail installations fall victim to the same oversight; with each minor impact, whatever impact rating the guardrail had initially is depleted.
The day before, a 2003 Toyota Sequoia with six people inside traveled off Interstate 495, over the guardrail and landed on Berlin Road in Marlboro.
In this case, the Trinity guardrails passed the muster of the Federal Highway Administration, which originally approved the redesign in 2005.
The function of road guardrails or their elements (band and post) is to reduce the probability for a motor vehicle to violate the traffic by keeping it within roadway limits and by guiding its travel along the longitudinal axis of the guardrail and/or fully stopping it.
Usually, a guardrail is a stationary structure, a collision with which a driver is trying to avoid.
If the road where your client was injured needed a guardrail, carefully measure the proximity of stationary objects in the area, the width of a recovery zone (if one exists), and the drop-off ratio between the road and the roadside.
Fall protection, access, platform construction, guardrails, and proper bracing and support are all cited as key focus areas.
Subsequently, though, I received a very nice letter from the commune where the guardrail was located, and where I had lived previously, saying that the guardrail was fine and there was nothing to pay.
Twenty-one middle school students were killed when a guardrail collapsed along stairs inside a northern China middle school, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday.