GUCHIGetto Unaritakunaru Chotto Heiwa
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We have also got the big man Guchi Onyewu, the former Newcastle defender, who has been brilliant to work alongside."
Sergio Serrano Give Me Your Guchi Subliminal l Who Da Funk play the Subliminal Sessions this Saturday at the Arches, Glasgow.
Since loan volume was the Bank of Japan's (BOJ) intermediate target for most of the postwar period, window guidance (WG; mado guchi shido") was potentially an important monetary policy instrument.
The term Mizoguchi literally means "estrangement-mouth or gap-mouth" (mizo means gap, gulf, ditch or gutter; guchi or kuchi means mouth).
Contract awarded for Announcement of the quotation of small quantity of grain for southern guchi in seoul
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Stationary A4 Size Photostate Paper (75 Gsm) 500 Sheet Legal Size Photostate Paper (75 Gsm) 500 Sheet Correcting Fluid With Water Pad Ink Bottle (40ml) Ball Pan Ordinary With Refill Ordinary Pen Refill Ordinary File Cover Tag Guchi Carbon Paper A4 Size Blue Sapphire (100 Sheet; All Pin Box 100 Gm Cadek