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This is a mischaracterization of the types of civil-military operations (CMO) that all GUCs are chartered to perform--activities that I greatly welcomed during my ambassadorial tours in Africa.
Instead, we refer to our command as a geographic unified command (GUC).
When the President, through the Secretary of Defense, directs a military operation, that operation is implemented with the right capabilities to do the job, whether they come from a GUC's own assigned forces (if they have them) or elsewhere.
The greatest value of the GUC is in providing strategic direction and planning missions within its AOR.
The remaining GUCs are 30.97 EUR/kWa for the HV-MV switching gear, 63.14 EUR/kWa for the MV-LV switching gear ([GUC.sub.MV-LV]), and 182.96 EUR/kWa for the LV level ([GUC.sub.LV]).
However, according to the VV II, the GUCs must be adjusted with the customer's coincidence factor.
Multiplication of the GUCs per kWa and grid level, as mentioned above, by the first term on the right hand side of (1) and (2), that is, 0.1 and 0.58, respectively, yields the adjusted GUCs per kWa and grid level shown in Table A2.
For example, zooming in on the upper four layers of the GUCS system (by suppressing all environment modules and their importing arrows) yields (after rotation and translation) the back view and the realization that the method Y in the base plane is upside down (see Figure 3).
Therefore, we may have stumbled on a GUCS architectural design flaw.
However, as our example GUCS application does not yet fully exploit 3D visualization, we should also want to point out a few more techniques we've been experimenting with.
With this new design of SAH, advantages of both GUC and UTC can be combined, that is, having glass as the glazed cover and slit glazed as semitranspired, respectively, thereby improving the performance of SAHs.
Abbreviations SAH: Solar air heater SGSAH: Solar-glazed solar air heater UTC: Unglazed transpired collector GUC: Glazed untranspired collector.