GUDYGrossed Up Dividend Yield (finance; Australia)
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Better to hear boos than cheers when the Toppers stole the ball off the press and Jack or Gudy slammed home dunks.
A man among boys, Svenson took up space on defense, clogged the lane, his bulk forcing high fliers like Jack and Gudy to adjust drives, his shoving and leaning taking a toll on Brewster.
"Deny the pass," Collins shouted at Gudy, Brewster, and Lane the next time Morrissey had the ball in the middle.
Morrissey's eyes searched for an open cutter between Jack and Jenkins' arms and elbows, but Gudy, Connolly, and Brewster stayed on their men, shutting off all hope.
But Gudy, Connolly, and Brewster had their men covered; Jenkins stayed with Morrissey, and Jack turned and closed fast on Svenson.
Brewster and Gudy each flashed off screens, but neither were open or in a good position to do anything with the ball other than pass it back.
Jack and Gudy popped out on the wings, Connolly and Jenkins rotated through and back up to the point.
Connolly, who held the ball for a beat after Jack's nod, ball-faked his man to buy Jack time, then cleared it with a blur to Jenkins at the top of the key, who zipped it to Gudy on the left wing, who fired a fastball to the corner.