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GUEGlobal Underwater Explorers
GUEGreat Underground Empire (Zork)
GUEGo Ugly Early
GUEGeneral Urine Examination (medicine)
GUEGeneral Utility Easement (construction)
GUEGas Utilization Efficiency
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GUE Tech is the only IFE games vendor to offer multiple Google's Choice' titles such as Bard's Tale and Broken Sword.
For current IFE systems, GUE Tech is releasing even more brilliant titles from the PC and gaming console platforms - iconic titles such as Myst, Riven, Wasteland, Choplifter, Gothic and The Raven.
Throughout the writing process, I'd still been sending the GUE to publishers and agents; now, I started shopping the two books at once.
Zimmer, who replaced former GUE leader Lothar Bisky (Germany) when he stepped down in March for health reasons, is attempting to maximise GUE's influence in Parliament by entering into strategic partnerships with left-leaning and Liberal parties on issues such as the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) and data protection rules, where their views are aligned.
Contrairement Ea mes deux collE gues et amis, franco-marocains, Abdelmajid et Mohamed, la Jordanie E[umlaut]tait mon premier voyage dans le monde arabe.
In the two years since the birth of their boys, Thaddeus and Torrence, the Gues have discovered that raising twins has been double the fun, yet double the challenge.
ASct, I WAS joined by a special guest in Tulisa's pecial gues pecialguest Tulis ' j ed S sp tor Sunday night - hs-bliethpaeccs Staffordshire bull breed.
They married in the June in a lavish Hindu wedding, in a 90-minute ceremony in front of 200 gues ts in Shefali's home town of Nottingham.