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Four intertidal sites along the French Atlantic coast were selected for a comparative morphometric study of interpopulation variation in the shell morphometries of Venerupis philippinarum: Banc du Guer, Morbihan Gulf, Bellevue, and Arcachon Bay (Fig.
Guer Aike es el Departamento que presenta, aparentemente, mejores condiciones objetivas para la produccion ganadera con 101 estancias en produccion y la enorme mayoria de ellas con un stock de 4.
Jos andeacute; Luis Guer andiacute;n, Albert Serra and Jaime Rosales, on the other hand, opened the door for a new experimental frontier unseen since the heyday of Luis Bu andntilde;uel.
Sobre las laderas de uno de estos volcanes extintos, incluido en la Reserva Provincial Geologica Laguna Azul (52[grados] 04' 40" S, 69[grados] 34' 45" O, 108 m; departamento de Guer Aike, provincia de Santa Cruz; Fig.
Estudio preliminar acerca de la resistencia de especies arboreas tropicales a la plaga de bibijagua (Atta insularis, Guer.
OUR platoon was driving through the jungle fighting communist guer illas in the British colony when it was almost wiped out by 50 terrorists.
In "On Bodies, Flows and Networks," Andrew Herod narrates how members of the United Steelworkers of America and the International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers unions banded together, via an inventive "cybercampaign" and guer illa applications of electronic communications, to protest a transnational corporation's (the Brigestone/Firestone tire manufacturer) illegal firing of 2,300 workers at 5 of its US subsidiaries, replacing them with nonunion employees (183).
Rental, assembly and disassembly of tribunes for the ceremonies of the schools of saint-cyr - cotquidan to guer (56).
Le Raja ne connait la crise qu'en dehors des terrains oAaAaAeA la guer intestine se poursuit entre ses dirigeants.
Guer Aike, proximidades ciudad Rio Gallegos, 27-III-1914, sin colector (SI).
Merrien had to fight for his place on the team, the selectors reversing their initial decision not to pick the 32-year-old from Guer nsey.
Guer Aike, laguna La Leona, 51[degrees]31'' S, 69[degrees]47" W, 7 Dec 1975, M.