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on the life stages of Hippodamia convergens Guer. in the laboratory of Plant Protection Department, Sindh Agriculture University, Tando Jam, at 26 2C temperature and 65 5 % relative humidity and photoperiod (11 L: 13 D) during 2013-14.
Four intertidal sites along the French Atlantic coast were selected for a comparative morphometric study of interpopulation variation in the shell morphometries of Venerupis philippinarum: Banc du Guer, Morbihan Gulf, Bellevue, and Arcachon Bay (Fig.
Es decir, por ejemplo, el numero de varones de 15 a 29 anos del departamento Guer Aikeen el ano 1995 se calculo multiplicando el total de poblacion de Guer Aikeen 1995 (obtenido de la Serie Demografica No.8) por la proporcion de varones de 15 a 29 anos del departamento Guer Aikeen el ano 1991 (proporcion a su vez calculada a partir de los datos del censo 1991).
Standard Chartered Bank is today headquartered in Singapore while also maintaining offices in London, Jersey and Guer nsey.
These developments also presaged subsequent political developments: the ouster of Bedie in a 1999 military coup by General Robert Guer; the election in 2000 of Laurent Gbagbo, the current president; and a 2002 military rebellion which led to a civil war, dividing the country between a rebel-held north and a government-controlled south, and prompting a lengthy, on-going political impasse over how to reunify the country.
Las tablas 1 y 2 permiten apreciar dos variables cuya consideracion es importante a los fines de nuestra investigacion: por un lado, la superficie predominante en los Departamentos Magallanes y Rio Chico (ambos de la zona centro de la provincia) y su comparacion con los Departamentos Corpen Aike y Guer Aike (ubicados hacia el centro sur) y, por el otro, el tamano modal de la majada en cada departamento.
Jos andeacute; Luis Guer andiacute;n, Albert Serra and Jaime Rosales, on the other hand, opened the door for a new experimental frontier unseen since the heyday of Luis Bu andntilde;uel.
Sobre las laderas de uno de estos volcanes extintos, incluido en la Reserva Provincial Geologica Laguna Azul (52[grados] 04' 40" S, 69[grados] 34' 45" O, 108 m; departamento de Guer Aike, provincia de Santa Cruz; Fig.
(LP*); Rio Gallegos, O'Donell 4091 (LP*); id., Estancia Guer Aike, H.