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So she must guess blindly; and for the first time the girl came to realize how dangerous was her task, and how likely she was to lose her own freedom in striving to free others from the bondage of the Nome King.
The time passed quickly away, and when the seven years were nearly ended two of them grew terribly anxious and frightened, but the third made light of it, saying, 'Don't be afraid, brothers, I wasn't born yesterday; I will guess the riddle.'
"I guess somebody else made the country in these parts.
This produced a vast sensation, naturally; Roxana was astonished at this admirable guess, but not disturbed by it.
"Then you'll get your job, I guess. Have you any friends?"
But the hired man, though seldom loth to accept a meal not included in his wages, opened his stiff jaws to answer slowly: "I'm obliged to you, but I guess I'll go along back."
"You did yourself proud, an' I guess they ain't much to add to it, but just the same I'm goin' to pass them a hot one."
Perhaps he might serve her; but never must she guess that he had found her or that he lived.
Alec said remorsefully, as he strained his eyes through the dusk, fancying he saw a small figure sitting in the garden as it had sat on the keg the night before, laying the generous little plot that had cost more than he could guess.
"It will cure you both of your bad heads, I guess. Isn't it lucky we found it?"
Humph!" snapped Nancy, wringing her rag so hard her fingers ached from the strain; "I guess it ain't CHILDREN what is MOST unnecessary just now, just now!
"Guess I can fix that for you," he remarked, running his forefinger down one of the pages.