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Your BFF is great for support on the big issues like gug or fam drama.
Trypanossoma cruzi infections in silvatic mammals, triatomine gugs and man in state of Para, north Brazil.
First, Cross, Lane & Sheppard (1965) used artificial stimuli which participants learned to categorize as 'bubs' and 'gugs'.
I hurriedly (and without thinking) picked up an ANC poster reading "Stop the Senseless Violence" and joined the march, which moved from the Shoprite supermarket, over the bridge, and through the squatter camp across the highway leading into "Gugs." Less than 24 hours after Amy was "extra-judicially executed," I anxiously toyi-toyied past hostile young men, all the while trying to second guess people's reactions to the thoughtless, senseless words for which I was now a poster girl.