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GUIGraphical User Interface
GUIGeneral User Interface (computing)
GUIGolfing Union of Ireland
GUIGovernment-University-Industry (partnership)
GUIGlobal Unique Identifier
GUIGraphics Unit Interface
GUIgeneral utility index (zooarcheology)
GUIGulf United Investment
GUIGaming Under the Influence (gaming clan)
GUIGyroscopic Upper Stage
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Apart from this, Chen Wen De, Wu Li Yong, and Shi Gui Xong were also found by the court guilty of the illegal manufacture of dangerous drugs and illegal possession of dangerous drugs also under RA 9165.
In their absence, Gui He and Chen, who also goes by the names of Chuanshou Chen and Huang Xin, were convicted of fraudulent evasion of duty and unauthorised use of a trade mark.
For more information about Altia Design 12.1 or to request a demo by one of Altia's GUI experts, visit our website or email
The Swedish government has reportedly said that Gui was taken into custody last week while he was travelling with two Swedish diplomats to seek medical treatment.
Angela Gui said her father was being escorted by two Swedish diplomats to seek medical attention for a neurological disorder known as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
Gui went missing from Pattaya, Thailand, in October and made a ( tearful appearance in January on Chinese media.
A Gui foi a primeira pessoa da Casa Selvatica com quem conversei sobre performance arte, com quem dancei a noite toda e com quem criei um Iqco de curiosidade-qfetiva.
The Express Logic GUIX tools used with our powerful RZ/A series microprocessors let developers more quickly and easily access sophisticated GUIs to enhance the end-user visual experience especially for medical and human-machine- interface applications.
Finally, movement (i.e., animation) through the GUI is also protectable.
Other freely available software packages, such as the Qt user interface generator, mean that the global developer community also has the means to write both command-line and GUI (graphical user interface) applications for Android, iOS, Microsoft and X-Windows devices.