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GUIGraphical User Interface
GUIGeneral User Interface (computing)
GUIGolfing Union of Ireland
GUIGovernment-University-Industry (partnership)
GUIGlobal Unique Identifier
GUIGraphics Unit Interface
GUIGulf United Investment
GUIgeneral utility index (zooarcheology)
GUIGaming Under the Influence (gaming clan)
GUIGyroscopic Upper Stage
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GUIs are simply the icons, screen layout, and visual cues that we utilize to control these devices.
BasemarkA GUI Free offers versatile result generation in form of off-screen, vertex streaming, blending and overall score of tests.
Incorporating leading-edge GUI development tools and libraries, PrismX is comprised of the PrismX Runtime Framework[TM], a full-featured GUI toolkit, PrismX Micro[TM], a GUI toolkit for monochrome to 8-bit color-depth targets, and PrismX Insight, a desktop GUI design and resource editing tool.
The image importing engine allows designers to create graphical content and layered graphics effects in their chosen tool and then drag and drop it to the GEMstudio workspace for creating reusable, resizable GUI components.
If you're looking for a quick way to enhance your GUI designing skills in Microsoft Windows or OS/2, Minasi's book will definitely help.
To add the GUI client, SIRSI customers will not have to replace their existing clients since the GUI client will be available as a priced upgrade.
Researched by Xerox, popularized by the Macintosh computer, and introduced to the mainstream consumer by Microsoft Windows, GUI is becoming the interface of choice for millions of users.
The navigation theory suggests that GUI is superior to CUI for all corporate microcomputer users: clerical, professional an managerial.
ESPOO, Finland -- Rightware[R], a leader in embedded user interface (UI) technologies, today announced the release of Basemark[R] GUI Free, a consumer version of the industry's standard graphical user interface rendering benchmark product.
The new browser-based GUI allows customer service representatives to access business critical information more quickly than before and to look for information in other desktop applications such as e-mail or trouble ticketing.
Amulet Technologies, a recognized leader in graphic user interface (GUI) solutions, announced today the availability of GEMstudio[TM], a drag-and-drop GUI development environment for creating high-end, color touchscreen human-machine-interfaces (HMIs), with smartphone-like graphics, for 8-, 16-, and 32-bit bit embedded systems.
Amulet Technologies, a recognized leader in graphic user interface (GUI) solutions, announced today that their Graphical OS Chips[TM] and GUI design tool, GEMstudio[TM], now support capacitive touch.