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GUIDGlobally Unique Identifier
GUIDGlobal Universal Identification
GUIDGlobal User Id
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She counts The Guid Sisters as only her third proper play, after Denise Mina's A Drunk Woman Looks at the Thistle and Men Should Weep.
The Irish have always maintained that "a point of the guid stof" is the universal panacea against all ills.
Its firepower can include an array of smart weapons such as guid ed bomb units (GBU), and conventional weapons such as Rockeye, MK 82 or MK 83 bombs and Sidewinder and Maverick missiles.
The Classical heritage does not reside in grand simplifying schemas; rather, it should guid e us in a method of management based on a subtle and coherent analysis'.
On March 24 1999, one of the two biggest industry-sponsored privacy watchdogs, TrustE, acknowledged that Microsoft had compromised consumer trust and privacy in its implementation of a Global Unique Identifier (GUID).
Among the most famous of these last are those addressed to a clergyman with whose theology he disagreed and against whom he had a personal grudge: The Holy Fair, " Holy Willie's Prayer, " "Address to the Unco Guid, " and " Address to the Deil.
Sir - As the dust settles on another successful Guid Nychburris week, I offer my sincere thanks to the many people who have helped in this year's week of events.
Even oan ma bed I pit a hard board I even tried prayin tae oor guid Lord.
China January trade data came in much stronger than expected, though a near 40% export survey drove a sharp narrowing in the surplus, prompting the PBoC to guid the CNY lower today after the currency hit a two-year high yesterday.
HISTORIC buildings, guid ed walks and hidden gems in North Tyneside will be opening their doors to the public for free.
(NASDAQ: GUID) reported the company's newest product EnCase Analytics is now generally available.