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GUIDEGroningen University Institute for Drug Exploration (University of Groningen; Groningen, Netherlands)
GUIDEGovernment User Identity for Europe (EU)
GUIDEGraphical User Interface Design Editor
GUIDEGeneral Unemployment Insurance Development Effort (various locations)
GUIDEGlobal Uniform Interoperable Data Exchange
GUIDEGraphic User Interface Development Environment
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The guide lights his pipe, and reminds me that he warned us against the weather before we started for our ride.
"That's it," says the guide. "Drop the bridle, and leave it to the pownies.
The guide called something to the Indians, who increased their stroke.
"Plenty," said the guide, with a shrug of his shoulders.
The guide watched Kiouni, who slept standing, bolstering himself against the trunk of a large tree.
The journey was resumed at six in the morning; the guide hoped to reach Allahabad by evening.
"Why, no," said the Guide; "a foot or two is about the usual length of our hay.
The terms honourable, noble, and worthy gentleman, resounded through the room; nay, my landlord himself began to have a better opinion of him, and almost to disbelieve the account which the guide had given.
And now the portmanteau belonging to Mr Jones being put up in the baggage-cart, the forces were about to move forwards; when the guide, stepping up to Jones, said, "Sir, I hope you will consider that the horses have been kept out all night, and we have travelled a great ways out of our way." Jones was surprized at the impudence of this demand, and acquainted the soldiers with the merits of his cause, who were all unanimous in condemning the guide for his endeavours to put upon a gentleman.
In the course of the day the old chief had several private consultations with the guide, and showed evident signs of being occupied with some mysterious matter of mighty import.
"Well, the guide goes with the barbershop, with the billiard-table, with the gasless room, and may be with many another pretty romance of Paris.
If a man knew the way to Larisa, or anywhere else, and went to the place and led others thither, would he not be a right and good guide?