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GUILTGangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin (fictional parasite from Trauma Center series of games)
GUILTGrown Up Idiot Looking for Tupperware (Geocaching)
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``There is there is,'' answered the wretched woman, ``deep, black, damning guilt, guilt, that lies like a load at my breast guilt, that all the penitential fires of hereafter cannot cleanse.
I beg permission to have a few witnesses examined concerning my character, and if their testimony shall not overweigh my supposed guilt, I must be condemned, although I would pledge my salvation on my innocence."
But there lay the embroidered letter, glittering like a lost jewel, which some ill-fated wanderer might pick up, and thenceforth be haunted by strange phantoms of guilt, sinkings of the heart, and unaccountable misfortune.
The guilt of Dusar might be for ever buried with her bones," he concluded in a low, savage whisper.
Who would be willing to stake his life and his estate upon the verdict of a jury acting under the auspices of judges who had predetermined his guilt?
He was entirely absorbed by two considerations: his wife's guilt, of which after his sleepless night he had not the slightest doubt, and the guiltlessness of Dolokhov, who had no reason to preserve the honor of a man who was nothing to him....
It was too horrible a confusion of guilt, too gross a complication of evil, for human nature, not in a state of utter barbarism, to be capable of!
But the moon came slowly up in all her gentle glory, and the stars looked out, and through the small compass of the grated window, as through the narrow crevice of one good deed in a murky life of guilt, the face of Heaven shone bright and merciful.
It is one thing to be morally convinced (as I am) that Miserrimus Dexter is the man who ought to have been tried for the murder at Gleninch; and it is another thing, at this distance of time, to lay our hands on the plain evidence which can alone justify anything like a public assertion of his guilt. There, as I see it, is the insuperable difficulty in the case.
She rejoiced in his being cleared from some part of his imputed guilt;--she was sorry for him;--she wished him happy.
But suppose the worst: you have no right to say that the guilt of her crime lies with him, and that he ought to bear the punishment.
"There is no longer any doubt as to his complete guilt. As you know yourself, the cipher letter warning certain people in London of the coming raid, passed through his hands.