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Fifty thousand camp bedsteads are urgently required for neighbourhood of La Guir. Please do your best for us, the matter is urgent.
"The same thing has happened again at La Guir," he said at last.
Table.2 Measurement of different life stages of Hippodamia Convergens Guir reared on Mustard Aphid, lipaphis erysimi under laboratory conditions.
Las enfermeras deben realizar un gran esfuerzo para conse guir financiamiento y espacios para publicar en revistas cientificas inscritas en bases indexadas y que tengan comite editorial.
Asi, los egresados de los programas de contaduria publica ingresan a participar en el mercado buscando ante todo, se guir cumpliendo con las practicas contables que racionalizan los hechos economicos y que garantizan que las organizaciones participen eficientemente en el mercado de servicios y productos.
(51) She is also the object of a devotional journey by a group of priests wishing to attend her death; they all desire to see "the true and great Breton saint" ("an guir sanctes bretons expreset" [1423]).
Some desert river systems are permanent in their headstreams but intermittent in their lower courses, among them the Oued Draa, Oued Rheris, Oued Ziz, Oued Guir, Oued Zousfana, and Oued Saoura in the Saharan regions of the Maghreb.