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In the sequel we study the valuation of two different types of GULC of actuarial interest.
European floating strike lookback options are a different interesting kind of GULC. For a put option (flop) they entitle the owner to sell the stock at the highest realized price; thus, they imply a terminal payoff [[PSI].sub.[partial derivative]] = [X.sub.[partial derivative]] - [X.sub.[partial derivative]], where [X.sup.t.sub.T] [equivalent to] [max.sub.t [less than or equal to] s [less than or equal to] T] [X.sub.s] is the running maxima of the process.
GULC of Type (i) ([[PSI].sup.1).sub.T] = max{[X.sub.T], [X.sub.t][e.sup.[delta][??]]}).
At Georgetown she was a staff writer and business editor for the Georgetown International Environmental Law Review, a member of the GULC Admissions Committee, the Student Bar, American Bar, Black Law Students Association, and president and corresponding secretary for the Network Exchange.
Rumu Sarkar, This essay summarizes the remarks made by the author at Georgetown University Law Center (GULC) on November 9, 1999, as part of the James Brown Scott Society of International Law's Distinguished Lecturer Series.
Rumu Sarkar is an Adjunct Law Professor at GULC and the Assistant General Counsel for Administrative Affairs at the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).