GULFCETGulf Cetaceans
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Compared to whistles recorded to date during the Gulfcet project, they are higher in frequency than typical whistles recorded from bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, but similar in frequency to whistles of dolphins of the genus Stenella.
A fourth group, consisting of 17 Fraser's dolphins including three calves, was sighted during Gulfcet aerial surveys on 16 May 1993 at 27[degrees]47.4'N, 90[degrees]19.9'W at a depth of 835 meters.
The Gulfcet program represents the first such surveys in oceanic waters of the northern Gulf of Mexico.
The recent GulfCet II program (Davis et al.(16)) examined cetacean habitat associations in the vicinity of cyclonic-anticyclonic eddy pairs in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico and demonstrated that these mesoscale hydrographic features can indeed influence cetacean distribution.
Additional funding was provided by the Minerals Management Service under contract 14-35-0001-30619 and Interagency Agreement 16197 (GulfCet Program).
Ship and satellite studies of mesoscale circulation and sperm whale habitats in the northeast Gulf of Mexico during GulfCet II.