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GULTGrooming Using Light Tree
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inen ire rennt gult unnd zinns wir vor allter herkomen gen Augspurg zuraichen."; "nit wissn wir aus was ursachen/das closster sanndt Ulrichs verlassen unnd sich gen Wittelspach gethan."; "zinns unnd gullt wie vor alter beschehen gen Augspurg in das Closter zuraichen/ demselben wit auch trewlich unnd willig gelebt." StA A, KA 208, fol.
Crummey defines gult as the granted right to receive payment or tribute from a designated plot of land.
Wyse men here telleth that Lucrecia slough noght here sylf for no vertu bote for schame and for angre, ffor nother man nother womman scholde be punesched withoute gult nother gulty withoute iuge.
Unlike the $10.7 billion hostile bid by Paramount Communications Inc., ne Gult + Western, which you correctly characterized as "Engulf and Devour," please be assured that there is nothing whatsoever hostile about our tender offer.
The surge in petroleum-based energy prices was the result of the steady drawing down of the tremendous gult of crude oil produced over a period beginning in lage 1985, during which production quotas were formally abandoned by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
It's likely that most anglers who spend some time around river mouths and where these rivers intersect with grass flats and bay and (Gult waters have already seen some silver--as in silver kings.
Thus, a generation was deprived of an education in the meaning of the First Amendment and came to regard the invocation of the Fifth Amendment as an admission of gult. A valuable lesson in the legitimacy of political dissent was lost--all too relevent in these days of First Amendment chill.
"Whitebait is scamp crack," jokes veteran Gult angler Randy Rochelle.