GUMILGunglo Dagiti Mannurat Nga Ilokano (Ilokano Writers Association of the Philippines, Inc.)
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In the stories for children's book, any member of GUMIL Metro Manila, one of more than a dozen chapters of GUMIL Filipinas, may submit up to two contributions while contributors to the poetry collection may submit up to five poems, GUMIL Metro Manila said in a statement.
Both Rambaud and Tabag are former secretaries-general of GUMIL Filipinas while Cabie was former president of GUMIL Filipinas, which has published several literary anthologies in English and Ilocano since it was founded in 1968.
GUMIL Filipinas is one of the most active groups of regional writers in the Philippines that was organized on October 19, 1968 in Baguio City with the prominent writer, Arturo M.