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GUMPSGas, Undercarriage, Mixture, Prop, Switches (aviation prelanding checklist)
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"But once on a time I was part of the Gump, which Ozma sprinkled with the Powder of Life.
"That I have forgotten," replied the Gump's Head, "and I do not think it is of much importance.
Resting by the wayside a little later, the Tramp carved upon the smooth bark of a birch-tree the words, "John Gump, Champion Genius."
and also the strange experiences of the highly magnified Woggle-Bug, Jack Pumpkin-head, the Animated Saw-Horse and the Gump; the story being
Afterward, Ozma used the last of the Powder to bring the Flying Gump to life; but as soon as it had carried her away from her enemies the Gump was taken apart, so it doesn't exist any more."
And once Ozma had a Gump that flew all over this kingdom and had sense enough to go where it was told to--which airships won't do.
There are a million boys in our public schools right now swallowing the gump of canal boy to President, and millions of worthy citizens who sleep sound every night in the belief that they have a say in running the country."
Last fall, at age 85, Jean Gump was released from prison after being arrested and jailed with 12 other protesters.
San Francisco, CA, January 22, 2012 --( SysIQ, ecommerce solutions provider for multi-channel retailers, announced today that Gump's San Francisco, a leading luxury retailer, reported a record setting 25% increase in online sales during the 2011 Holiday shopping season.
Gumps runs the nondenominational Evangelistic Church of the Good Samaritan in the Haitian city of Leogane.
When Tom Shull took over as chief executive officer of Hanover Direct, Gump's parent company, he made public a plan to sell off the Gump's division.