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"But what about people who haven't natural gumption, Aunt Jimsie?"
"People who haven't natural gumption never learn," retorted Aunt Jamesina, "neither in college nor life.
"Will you please define what gumption is, Aunt Jimsie?" asked Phil.
Any one who has gumption knows what it is, and any one who hasn't can never know what it is.
Opening track Tell Me Something - asking what gave a boy his gumption, naturally - is moody and emotional, broken down into spoken word at the end of the song, another nod to R&B classics.
soulful and slick, Charles's latest release was definitely made with, well, gumption and will undoubtedly be another hit.
And if anyone defines guts and gumption, it's Johnston.
To teach gumption intentionally results in "resiliency under pressure," according to Dr.
However the Nepalese displayed tremendous grit and gumption and with a bit of luck could have even scored a couple of goals themselves.
Not one had the gumption to pitch a ladderagainst the upstairs window to help the landlady who was trying to break the window with a lampshade.
Orlando, FL, March 31, 2013 --( Gumption Entertainment is offering a special opportunity for real estate professionals and businesses.