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GUNSGFDI, UKMI and NGPI Simple Average (hurricane forecast)
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Some were fished from the bottom of the lake; some have been rusting in woods since the discovery of the country; and some were never guns at all--mere privateersmen's playthings
By this time we were well used to the roar of heavy guns, the rattle of musket fire, and the flying of shot near us; but never had I been under such a fire as we rode through on that day.
He dashed them to right and left, and actually killed three of them with only his naked fists, when a shot from a gun brought him down, and he fell, wounded and bleeding, almost at my feet.
At last I found one that I thought looked promising, at the corner of a dirty lane, ending in an enclosure full of stinging-nettles, against the palings of which some second-hand sailors' clothes, that seemed to have overflowed the shop, were fluttering among some cots, and rusty guns, and oilskin hats, and certain trays full of so many old rusty keys of so many sizes that they seemed various enough to open all the doors in the world.
But there were all our stores at the bottom, and to make things worse, only two guns out of five remained in a state for service.
Sit down," said the mule, "or you'll snap your long stick-legs between the guns.
Their uniform was red and blue, and they shouldered their guns and looked straight in front of them.
There exist guns, according to Fulton, perfected in England by Philip Coles and Burley, in France by Furcy, and in Italy by Landi, which are furnished with a peculiar system of closing, which can fire under these conditions.
The gunners stood by the guns waiting, and the ammunition waggons were at a business-like distance.
The round red discharges from the guns made a crimson flare and a high, thick smoke.
Signal guns were fired again in the evening, but equally in vain, and once more the ship stood off to sea for the night.
I wish we could see it Smallways; a square fight in blue water, guns or nothing, and all of 'em steaming ahead