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GUOGlobal Urban Observatory (UN Human Settlements Programme)
GUOGlobal Ultimate Owner (highest parent company)
GUOGayan Uttejak Orchestra (Hungary)
GUOGrand United Order (various organizations)
GUOGezamenlijk Uitvoeringsorgaan (Dutch: Joint Implementation Body)
GUOGiant Ugly Ogre
GUOGlavnoye Upravleniye Okhraneniya (Russian: Main Administration Protection, aka GUORF)
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According to UDN, with the addition of Guo Wenjing, Taiwan's air force now has a total of four female fighter pilots.
After taking over about a year ago, Guo introduced new rules to reign in lender risks including curbs on shadow banking activities and a crackdown on loan fraud.
1 ( ANI ): The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) nearly arrested Chinese officials recently after they entered the United States to try to convince exiled Chinese businessman Guo Wengui to return to China.
The report of the 19th CPC National Congress has raised clear demands for the Party's external contacts job, while the Party Constitution also carries explicit stipulations on that, Guo said.
Thomas Ragland, a Washington-based lawyer, said Guo, who lives in New York and is in the United States on a tourist visa expiring this year, applied for asylum on Wednesday because he feared his accusations had made him a "political opponent of the Chinese regime".
The launching of Bei Kong Guo Shou water fund is a new milestone of combining industry and Finance in PPP investment for BEWG.
The Chinese government said that Guo collected flights times and destinations in order to fabricate sex scandals and corruption allegations.
Judge Brian Sherrard said: "Mr Guo, by your careless driving, you have deprived our community of a cherished and valued member.
Zhang Ding Guo, who is also the Rotating Chairman of Asia Advertisement Association, presented a plaque to Mr.
Following a closed trial, former military leader Guo Boxiong was handed a life sentence Monday according to Chinese state news agency Xinhua, making him the highest-level figure within the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to be sent to prison as part of President Xi Jinping's crackdown on corruption.
But chairman Guo was actually the subject of an investigation last December, which on the surface will obviously raise concerns with the Molineux faithful.
14 June 2016 - Chinese restaurant chain Xiao Nan Guo Restaurants Holdings Ltd.