GUODGive Up or Die (gaming clan)
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Such a harmonious balance between king and kingdom is also presented in Edward's life, where the narrator describes the happy state of England under his rule: 'Guod pais [??]are was ...
Against the Green Knight's own laudatory offer of the girdle as a gift, Gawain receives the object only with shame: 'Bot your gordel,' quoth Gwayn, ' God yow foryelde!-That wyl I welde with guod wylle, not for the wyrme golde, Ne the saynt, ne the sylk, ne the side pendaundes, For wele ne for worchyp, ne for the wlonk werkkes; Bot in syngne of my surfet I schal se hit ofte, When I ride in renoun remorde to myselven The faut and the fayntyse of the flesche crabbed, How tender hit is to entyse teches of fylthe.
That wyl I welde wyth guod wylle, not for the wynne golde [..............................] Bot in syngne of my surfet I schal se hit ofte [..............................] And thus, quen pryde schal me pryk for prowes of armes, The loke to this luf-lace schal lethe my hert." (2429-30, 2433, 2437-38)
quamvis non omnes utentes credant ipsa idem significare, sed decepti existimant aliquid significari per unum, guod non significatur per reliquum; sicut si aliqui existimarent, quod hoc nomen `Deus' importaret unum totum et `Deltas' partem eius"; Ockham, SL, I, c.