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And these are Byrhtnoth's words as the "Maldon" poet reports them: "Nu eow is gerymed; gap recene to us, / guman to guoe" (93-94a), which translated to "Now the way is opened for you, come to us quickly, men to battle," have something close to the sound of an open invitation.
Paer wearp Oddan bearn aerest on fleame, Godric fram guoe, and pone godan forlet pe him manigne oft mearh gesealde; he gehleop pone eoh pe ahte his hlaford, on pam ger.dum pe hit riht ne waes, and his brooru mid him begen aerndon, Godwine and Godwig, guoe ne giemdon, ac wendon fram pam wige and pone wudu sohton, flugon on paet faesten and hira feore burgon, and manna ma ponne hit .nig m.p (186-195) (There Godric, Odda's son, was first in the flight from battle.
Beowulf 688 38) oonne wene ic to be wyrsan gebingea, oeah pu heaooraesa gehwaer dohte, grimre guoe, gif pu Grendles dearst nihtlongne fyrst nean bidan.