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GUPGirls und Panzer (Japanes anime TV series)
GUPGallaudet University Press (Illinois)
GUPGrowing Up in Poverty (project)
GUPGallup, NM, USA - Gallup Municipal (Airport Code)
GUPGeneral Use Pesticide
GUPGatekeeper Update Protocol
GUPGraphische und Parallele Datenverarbeitung (German: Graphical and Parallel Processing)
GUPGreen Uni Project
GUPGiudice Unico Delle Pensioni (Italian)
GUPGeneral Unitary Pre-Coder
GUPGaming Union Podcast (gaming podcast)
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[r.sup.(GUP).sub.[delta]] [equivalent to] 2[m.sup.(GUP).sub.[delta]], [T.sup.(GUP).sub.H[delta]] = 1/8[pi][m.sup.(GUP).sub.[delta]], (26)
Thermodynamics of the Charged Topological AdS Black Hole with GUP Correction
Udzorong Gup said the road that connects Udzorong GC until the bridge site at Shing Phurtomo falls under the farm road and that there is no such planning for blacktopping the road.
Therefore, in this study, we will investigate whether the properties of the tunneling particles will affect the Hawking radiation of the black hole by using the quantum tunneling process of both the scalar and Dirac particles in the framework of the GUP.
In this paper, based on GUP, we take a simple Finsler black hole as an example and investigate the remnant and residue entropy from a Rutz-Schwarzschild black hole.
'They had taken care of the plants well but they are yet to reap the returns,' said the Gup. Similarly, the Gup of Nanong Gewog, Sonam Jamtsho said, 'There is no sign of fruiting from the hazelnuts plants even after almost seven years now.' Talking to Business Bhutan, the Managing Director of BMH, Dr.
We have analyzed the GUP effect on the radiation of black holes surrounded by perfect fluid in Rastall theory.
As one approaches the Planck scale, it has been argued [22,29-31] that the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (HUP) should be replaced by a Generalized Uncertainty Principle (GUP) of the form
Besides vehicles, villagers need petrol to operate power tillers and chainsaws.' Meanwhile, Khaling Gup said that the nearby gewog of Kangpara would also be benefited if Khaling gets a fuel depot.
On the other hand, a version of the GUP with higher orders in the Planck length induces quantitative corrections to the entropy and then influences the Hawking evaporation of black holes.
Karma Zangmo, 43, who contested for the post of Chang Gup, said though there are capable women, they are not freely allowed to contest.
Existence of this natural cutoff requires deformation of the standard Heisenberg uncertainty principle to the so-called generalized uncertainty principle (GUP) (see, for instance, [13,14,16-21]).