GUPPGraduate Urban Professional Programs (Hunter College; New York, NY)
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GUPP is in its final stages of testing the smart phone and has worked with Comintel to take advantage of the company's expertise in telecommunication solutions over the last year.
With the experience of the end user in mind, Pulver 100 companies come from a number of IP communications-related market segments, from open systems platforms for fixed mobile convergence to mobile wireless handset manufacturers, like GUPP Technologies.
It is an honor to be recognized among the industry's best and brightest in the Pulver 100," said Sanjay Varma, CEO of GUPP Technologies.
Phreedom offers dramatic cost savings through VoIP calls, an easy-to-use browser for fast, reliable Internet access, voice call continuity and long battery life--the holy grail for IP centric mobile devices," said Sanjay Varma, CEO of GUPP Technologies.
With a complete Linux system stack readily adaptable to GUPP's handset hardware, from device drivers and Linux kernel to applications, a la Mobile enables GUPP to bypass a long and technically challenging development cycle, accelerating their time-to-market.
We see a growing market trend for a new class of providers to offer handsets and services from a variety of wireless companies in the next few years," said Guy Tessens, Managing Director of GUPP.