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GURGround Under Repair
GURGeneral University Requirement
GURGasoline Unleaded Regular (US Army)
GURGreyhound Underground Railroad (dog rescue)
GURAlotau, Papua New Guinea - Gurney (Airport Code)
GURGenerate Unmatched Item Report
GURGeographic Underwriting Report
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Mansoor Al Awar and Goktug Gur, in the presence of senior executives at Signify, led by Eric Rondolat, the company's global CEO, following the selection of the University as a 'Customer for Life'.
Gur meticulously practices these two standards on each and every patient.
Am measg a h-uile cail bha daoine buailteach diochuimhneachadh gur e dibhearsan Bhictorianach a th' anns an fheileadh.
Announcing Gur's appointment, Murali Sivaraman, president of growth markets at Philips Lighting, said: "Goktug Gur has a proven record of delivering projects and successfully leading our business across a number of markets.
According to Gur, the study findings may better explain the extent and intensity of changes in mental life and behavior that occur during the transition from childhood to young adulthood.
Gur's appointment coincides with a brand new regional mandate, combining the Middle East and Turkey under one leadership to further increase synergies and fasten execution of Philips Lighting's regional initiatives.
The export of commodities like jaggery (gur) and mishri (sugar), which formed the backbone of the trade, has seen a slump of almost 80% at Taklakot mandi in Purang district of China's Tibet Autonomous Region where traders from Uttarakhand have traditionally been going to sell their wares.
For gur, vegetables, and even fruits, five large wholesale markets exists in the main city of Peshawar.
Byline: Fatma Eskicioglu, Guluzar Arzu Turan and Esra Bahar Gur
Gur is the stuff of traditional and rustic fare, a poor substitute for shiny, crystallized, factory-buffed white sugar.
Compiled and presented with commentary by Janna Gur, "Jewish Soul Food: From Minsk to Marrakesh, More Than 100 Unforgettable Dishes Updated for Today's Kitchen" is a beautifully illustrated, 240 page compendium showcasing palate pleasing, appetite satisfying, kitchen cook friendly, authentic Jewish cuisine.
The book says the affairs of the Kullu gods are managed by the 'devta' committees that comprise a 'kardar' or manager of the temple, the 'gur' or oracle, musicians and a priest.