GURAGreeley Urban Renewal Authority (Colorado)
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Although, Tosin Adesina, the Founder and CEO of Gura in an interview with Rwandadailybusiness in March, disclosed that the Electric Bike Ride Sharing will be launched in May but findings revealed that Gura is yet to kick-off in Rwanda but still at the testing stage.
That we can make a difference between the true joys and troubles and to understand what happiness and unhappiness really are (Ioan Gura de Aur 1908: 25-26).
Geography 101: Gura River, which flows from the Aberdares, is recognised by by potamologists (people who study rivers) as the fastest-flowing river in Africa (Internet sources) fastest-flowing river in Africa.
Gura is the Curator of Ancient and Medieval Manuscripts in the Hesburgh Library, and concurrent assistant professor in the Medieval Institute at the University of Notre Dame.
He is the founder of a conservation group called Nade Gura and has climbed the ten highest mountains in Sri Lanka.
Thug mi an gag Eireannach as fhearr a th' agam do Charina, agus gura math a theid dhi.
Victor Gura, MD, FAS inventor of the Wearable Artificial Kidney(WAK).
As Wilson's lawyer Alan Gura says, "If you have the right to keep arms, you should be able to make" arms--and "if you have the right to make firearms, you have the right to acquire information useful to you in doing that." But the State Department, in new rules proposed in June, tried to codify its belief that because foreigners can access the Internet, putting non-classified information online about weapons making should in fact be considered a munitions "export."
The case is ongoing, and Gura is continuing to file motions to strip away this thoroughly unconstitutional law piece by piece.
Instead, it would vote on whether to confer the power to do so in the future to the Glendale Urban Renewal Authority (GURA), a body made up of City Council members.
He had shown gura dand ( white bull) as father of the brown cow.
The governor pointed out in a celebration organized in Um Al Gura locality, that he considers the victory of president elect Omar Bashir a victory for the Sudanese and Muslims in eh country saying these elections were actually a challenge the Sudanese nation was able to overcome.