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GURGLEGeneric Uniform Reference To General Locator Expressions
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A spokesman for the Staffordshire theme park said: "Parents and carers will be able to walk around the outside of the track as their child experiences their first ever G - for gurgle - force."
According to the books will be priced at GBP12.99 and will combine educational articles from and user-generated content from the website.
'I told Tom to keep him at the back of the field and when Balapour started to gurgle to give him a break.
But over the next several months I dutifully reported every quiver, twitch, and gurgle of my body to my neurologist.
The mean number of gurgles was 1.14 (range 0-4); 93% of calls had only one gurgle.
He then runs water through the tube with a hand pump until the bird starts to gurgle. At this point, they pull the tube and the bird starts upchucking krill.
Lights twinkle, seemingly suspended in air; constellations twirl on the ceiling; transparent tubes of swirling, multicolored bubbles softly gurgle. A string of feathers gently brushes your face, and the aroma of a flower-filled meadow fills the air as soft music echoes.
You style your hair, spray on deodorant, and gurgle mouthwash.
The study, carried out by parenting website, found that they take an average of just three months to conceive, compared to the UK average of six months., the UK's first mother and baby social networking site, examined trends over the past 100 years.
Mother and baby social networking site found that 75% of today's pregnant women experience cravings compared to 30% of women 50 years ago.
`No Ella, for optimum comic effect I want you to gurgle and blow saliva bubbles at the same time.' Funny man Ben Stiller got in some early comedy training with his 10-month-old daughter while his actress wife, Christine Taylor, was more worried about her daughter's image and started on the hair grooming.