GUSCOGulu Support the Children Organisation (Uganda)
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To properly track impact, the team from GUSCO Energy provided photometric layouts and an comprehensive energy analysis for every area.
Because GUSCO Energy offers a 10-year guarantee and warranty on materials and labor, Tecumseh will not see any lighting-related expenses until 2025.
I'm sure our customers will appreciate our green initiative,” says Ed and emphatically states, “For the sake of our environment, your employees and your pocketbook, I would encourage every auto repair facility to contact Steven at GUSCO 269-779-6005 and learn what the savings are for your establishment.
Comme GUSCO, ce centre, le plus important de ce genre, assure depuis 1995 principalement des services de counseling psychosocial aux anciens enfants soldats.
Des enfants ont rapporte, de facons diverses, n'avoir entendu parler de GUSCO ou de Vision Mondiale qu'apres etre retournes chez eux: << I only heard abut GUSCO and World Vision two years after I have returned home >>, affirme l'un d'entre eux (Charchuk 2007: 61); <<I went directly home.
En octobre 2005, le district de Gulu et onze organisations locales et internationales, dont les deux grands centres d'accueil Vision Mondiale et GUSCO, ont signe un protocole d'entente afin de developper des mecanismes permettant d'identifier les enfants les plus vulnerables dans le district de Gulu et de combattre les facteurs qui accroissent la vulnerabilite des enfants deplaces.
GUSCO Reception Centre, Consulte sur Internet (www.