GUSIGather Unity System Information
GUSIGlobal Upstream Supply Initiative
GUSIGrand Unified Socket Interface
GUSIGather Unity System Info (Cisco Unity)
GUSIgenuine urinary stress incontinence
GUSIGeneral Union of Students in Iraq
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A second MONT trap and a third GUSI trap were deployed on 31 July 2013 and remained deployed through the last month of monitoring.
Nora's harvest of awards and recognition from local and international bodies will be enriched furthermore by her winning the 2015 GUSI Peace Prize, where she joins an international roster of laureates in various disciplines.
My three choices were: Ignacio Maria (because I had spent most of my schooling, more than half my life, under the Jesuits), Wilfrido Maria (for a saintly Spanish abbot in Manila, Wilfrido Rojo, who lived the last years of his life in England), and Peter Celestine (a name I saw on a marble slab in the cloister as PETRVS CELESTINVS GUSI, the name of the Spanish abbot who built the beautiful abbey buildings in Manila).