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Gusse (Ed.), Diversite et independance des medias [Diversity and independence of media] (pp.
It was a classic strike from Gusse who collected a pass from substitute from Rafik Saifi and delayed his shot until O'Hare had committed himself.
While "Ace is the place" image ads appear on national television, the company devotes two-thirds of its ad budget to the circulars, Gusse said.
That inconsistency aside, the question remains: Are opponents of the war in Iraq a bunch of Gloomy Gusses, always fretful of failure, never placing sufficient trust in the United States' capacity for good?
There were seven named plaintiffs in this case: (1) Cumberland Farms, an operator of convenience stores throughout the United States; (2) Kirschner Brothers Oil Co., a marketer of petroleum products; (3) Dan Rosenberg, d/b/a Animal Hospital of Chester County, an individual who operates an animal hospital; (4) George Gusses, an individual who operates a business; (5) the Perry Corporation; (6) Uncle Donald's, d/b/a Huey's; and (7) Overton Pub, d/b/a East End Pub.
In her first book for children, Isabell Monk gusses the wonderful tradition of verbal storytelling mixed with the old-fashioned family values of faith and love to defuse a sensitive subject many of our young children face today.
And while, for the most part, it's simply an infuriatingly long checklist of dressing-room nicknames, chock-full of Bumbles, Rampses, Gusses, Dazzlers, Creepys, Smokeys, and Headless, it draws comparison with Hoddle's outpourings.
His friend Petersen commented: 'Es ist nicht das Werk eines Gusses.' (21) This suggests that Schiller was aware of the hybrid nature of his first play.
A little jazz bleeds into the cut entitled War; he also gusses up the lonesome wail of Praying for Morning with a samba coda and slaps a heated bomba onto Tierra Adentro.
Entweder bezeugt der mehrfache Nachweis des Gusses dieser Gerate in zweischaligen Lehmformen eine regionale, ostbaltische Eigenart oder diese Uberlieferungssituation ist mit unterschiedlichen Boden--und Erhaltungsbedingen fur Lehmformen allgemein zu erklaren.
Das Prinzip des Gusses auf flachen Unterlagen, vermutlich auf eigens dafur hergestellten Tonscheiben, findet man an verschiedenen Stellen eingehend erlautert (z.