GUTAGhana Union Traders Association (professional organization)
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Tambien, los investigadores confirmaron el uso de quimicos industriales toxicos contra zonas pobladas por comunidades civiles de oposicion, incluido sarin, el agente nervioso que ya en agosto de 2013 habia sido usado en Guta, cerca de Damasco, y que mato a mil 300 personas.
As a result, the country spends about $120m a year on fuel imports, says Christopher Guta, general manager of operations for Press Corporation, a privately held company tasked with facilitat- ing the project.
As a result, dollars saved can be channelled to hospitals, education and other social sectors," says Guta.
Much loved husband of the late Doreen, loving and much loved father to Kim and Martin, father in law to Guta and Angela, granddad to Aline, Lorna and Flynn.
IRBs and other regulatory bodies are becoming more familiar with and supportive of CBPR, developing solutions to the aforementioned challenges that are both responsive to critics' concerns and sensitive to standard foci like safety, consent/assent, data ownership, and dissemination of findings (Flicker, Travers, Guta, McDonald, & Meagher, 2007; Shore, Drew, Brazauskas, & Seifer, 2011).
CIVILIANS KILLED IN DAMASCUS: Bashar al-Asad regime's warplanes rained bombs on civilian sites in Damascus' eastern Guta and Irbin neighborhoods on Thursday.
49) At the outbreak of the war, Guta was twenty years old and newly married.
1) Hala Asmina Guta (PhD of Mass Communication from Ohio University, United States) is Assistant Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences at Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University.
Numerous witnesses said unanimously that chemical weapons at East Guta was used by the rebels," the ministry added.
10) Elision de /s/ en linde silabico interno: epano "espanol", etudia "estudiar", freco "fresco", mimo "mismo", guta "gusta", comunita "comunista".
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