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GUTSGrowing Up Thinking Scientifically (school program)
GUTSGuaranteed Uptime Service
GUTSGeneral Udp Transport Teleservice
GUTSGlobal Unlimited Task Squad
GUTSGuaranteed Ultimate Tensile Strength (engineering)
GUTSGet Up To Speak (Toastmasters)
GUTSGeorgians Unwilling to Surrender (Atlanta, GA)
GUTSGeorgetown University Transportation Shuttle
GUTSGet Up Them Stairs
GUTSGoogle Unified Ticketing System (Google, LLC)
GUTSGenuine Urge to Succeed
GUTSGuaranteed Uptime Support
GUTSGuardians United to Serve
GUTSGothenburg University Timesharing System (computing)
GUTSGuelph Union of Tenants & Supporters (Canada)
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Now Sheeta, the panther, was one of whom Tarzan was exceptionally glad to fall in with, for he had it in mind not only to utilize the great cat's strong gut for his bow, but also to fashion a new quiver and loin-cloth from pieces of his hide.
com/articles/s41928-017-0004-x) Nature Electronics , saying it senses oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen to create "gas profiles" of patients and get a better look at what is going on in the gut as it happens.
Two separate studies found the microbiome of the gut - bacteria, viruses and other bugs in the system - can determine whether tumours will shrink when treated with immunotherapy drugs.
Changes occurring in the gut microbiome during aging can have a negative impact on health and contain a high degree of variability.
October 8, 2015 -- Working with gut stem cells from humans and mice, scientists from the Johns Hopkins Children's Center and the University of Pittsburgh have grown healthy intestine atop a 3-D scaffold made of a substance used in surgical sutures.
Daniel McDonald of the University of Colorado Boulder spoke about the American Gut Project.
Waubant describes her approach to studying the gut-microbiome interaction by explaining, "Each of us has our own unique community of microorganisms in our guts, although we probably have a lot of the same types of microorganisms that, say, our close family members have.
Researchers from the Washington University recruited four human twin pairs discordant for obesity and transferred the gut microbiota in fecal samples from each of them into the guts of germ-free mice that had been raised under sterile conditions, without any microbes of their own.
Vanessa Ridaura, a graduate student at Washington University's School of Medicine, and colleagues took samples of the microbes that were living in the guts of human fraternal and identical twins.
When the investigators transplanted microbes from the guts of adult male mice into the guts of young females, the females displayed elevated testosterone levels, changes to their microbiota, and strong protection against type 1 diabetes.
While the authors make this material easy to understand, the psychological explanations of gut intelligence and instincts in this book are comprehensive, well-researched, and based upon clinical studies with hundreds people by the two authors.
Ayurvedic practitioners always focus on the gut as the primary area to heal for anything going on.