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GUTUGovernment Urdu Teachers Union (Mauritius)
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C Holotescu, D Gutu, G Grosseck, y R Bran (2011): "Microblogging meets politics: the influence of communication in 140 characters on romanian presidential elections in 2009".
76) All the cattle culled in the Victoria and Gutu thus went to the Liebig's meatpacking factory in West Nicholson, which specialised in canning low quality beef for Africans.
The Mediterranean coast of North Africa is the best studied region (Kossmann 1880; Dollfus 1898; Stebbing 1904, 1910a; Monod 1925, 1933; Larwood 1940, 1954; Bacescu 1977; Gutu 2002; Bamber et al.
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Under the topic of reconciliation, Archbishop John Baptist Odama, whose archdiocese of Gutu spans the northern quarter of Uganda, spoke of trying to negotiate with the Lord's Resistance Army, the militant group led by Joseph Kony that has ravaged several central African countries.
Inflected Uninflected Makasae Fataluku k-form vowel-form cognate cognate kuta uta 'kill' guta uta 'hit' kene ene 'hit' gene -- kutu utu 'block' gutu utu kata ata 'contact' gata aca kumu umu 'die' umu umu kafu afu 'carry' gapu & apu 'with' apu (7)
Cliftonville's travelling support were none too impressed with Slovakian referee Jozef Pavlik who failed to notice a handball from Archie Gutu in the build up to the goal.
The migrant group was largely composed of Shonaspeaking people, the majority of whom had emigrated from their traditional homes in districts such as Gutu, Mwenezi, Chirumhanzi and Bikita to Rhodesdale in search of better agricultural land and seasonal employment on white farms.
It's an old, old song," said Perez Hamandishe, wearing a white crocheted skullcap with a blue Star of David in a small village near Gutu, some 120 miles south of the capital Harare.
Ruwana was to be influential in the spread of the Chibarirwe among the Karanga speaking people, specifically Gutu, Zimuto, Chibi and Mashate.
Moldavian Deputy Minister Gutu pointed out that Moldavia has an excellent team of experts involved in the process of consolidation that began ten years ago and that it could help simplifying this process in the Republic of Macedonia.
33) Hamutyinei, a teacher in the rural schools of Gutu who later spent years in Rhodesian detention for his political activities, explained in his Shona-language autobiography that "[t]he things that started to enrage my heart in colonial Rhodesia were very small.