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GUTUGovernment Urdu Teachers Union (Mauritius)
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Gutu was released but had to commit that he will pay the bill himself,'a hospital official who sought anonymity said.
Ambassador Gutu described Nigeria and Ethiopia as 'strategic partners' who have a deep relationship, adding that the three-year stay was a period that saw the furtherance of bilateral relations between the two countries.
OBERT GUTU, MDC SPOKESPERSON SAYING: "The general sentiment out there is we should support the impeachment motion.
Obert Gutu, a spokesman for the MDC, said the party was "always willing and able to collaborate with all genuine Zimbabwean patriots", but there had been no formal discussions with Mnangagwa.
In the case of Romanian Ultras, Dinu Gutu (2015) writes about the complexities and contradictions of the struggle against "modern football", a term widely used in the fan scene to refer to negative developments of the game, such as commercialization and securitization of stadia.
Obert Gutu, spokesman of the Movement for Democratic Change opposition party, said: "They should be ashamed of themselves.
Obert Gutu, a spokesperson for Movement for Democratic Change, also recently criticized Mugabe for taking such a lengthy vacation at the cost of taxpayers, ( telling Zimbabwe's Daily News that the president's latest travels were Mugabe's way of "escaping from the problems he created at home."
N[O.sub.3.sup.-]N N[H.sub.4.sup.+]N Texture acidity (ppm) F-1 0.09 43.98 trace clay F-2 0.17 53.05 8.84 Clay F-3 0.17 41.13 8.81 clay F-4 0.08 30.17 6.03 clay F-5 0.24 66.38 9.05 clay F-6 0.12 41.13 11.75 clay Farm 1-6 = farmers' names (Takele Uluma, Adisu Fufa, Adisu Likessa, Mulatu shukar, Tesfaye Tsagaye, and Gutu Tolera).
Mihaela Gutu (2,a), Mihai Danciu (1,2,b), Mihai Gutu *, (1,2,a), Mihai Marinca (1,3), Roxana Livadariu (2,c), Razvan Tepordei (1,2,d), Mioara Nitu (2,e), Tudor Cozma (1,2,d), Manuela Ursaru (1,2e), Lucian Miron (1,3), Cipriana Stefanescu (1,2,a)
"The money that is being budgeted for this ill-conceived birthday bash should actually be used to import maize to avert the impending starvation in Masvingo province and other parts of the country," Obert Gutu, a spokesman for the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), said in a statement.
He was born to a relatively well-off family in Gutu District, which formed part of what was then called Victoria Province.