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GUUGlasgow University Union
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GUUS has attracted eight thousand members since its launch a week ago.
The GUUS was founded by Ashraf Ouda, Mohamed Gaber and Ahmed El-Kafrawy.
The society said the rally was to highlight sexism at the university, particularly at the GUU, where the heckling incident is "not a one-off".
A spokesman for the university said the GUU board held a meeting after the heckling incident and the university have launched an investigation.
Rebecca is ranked among the top 20 speakers in the world and Marlena is a champion debater, but the knuckle draggers in the GUU ignored what they had to say and heckled them over their hair, their clothes and their figures.
The GUU was formed in the 1880s but did not allow women to join until 1980.
The GUU still hosts a Last All Male Board dinner at the end of November.
This is not the first time the GUU has staged a strange entertainment event.
The GUU has temporarily lost and obtained many items through this practice.
The GUU Entertainments crew organise live bands, good DJs and plenty of drinks promos.