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GUVGewinn- und Verlustrechnung
GUVGewinn-Und Verlust (German: Profit and Loss)
GUVGarage Utility Vacuum (product)
GUVGiant Unilamellar Vesicles
GUVGroup Unique Variable
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In addition to GUV and SpinSweep, Hoover's Diversified Products Division is showing a smaller SilentAir air cleaner.
In addition, the GUV has the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ingenieurgemeinschaft Reese + Wulff GmbH with BBS office Greuner-PE[micro]nicke with a development concept Black Au and SE-sterbek, which was completed-2013.
Delivery of a Hubrettungsfahrzeuges automatic turntable ladder with joint part of the type DLA (K) 23/12 according to : - DIN EN 14043:2006-01 in conjunction with DIN EN 1777 : - DIN 1846 in all parts, : - Vehicle UVV GUV 5.