GUVSGeneral Union of Voluntary Societies (Amman, Jordan)
GUVSGlasgow University Veterinary School (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)
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Comun' tull Narrow Reach, thuck weather, wuth snow squalls, me un the chart-room, dudna I guv hum the changed course?
I guv the mate his course, an' the bearun' o' the Askthar Light astern.
"When I was a young men I used tull be afeard thot the owners would guv me the sack.
An' then the owners can guv me the sack uz soon uz they like.
Yer mind dat ar great chicken pie I made when we guv de dinner to General Knox?
BTW, nary one of the gasbag hosts of any of the shows met a follow-up question he or she liked, even when a questionable statement by the guv just stood there like a hanging curveball.
"I've got a catcher's mitt, the businesses coming out of New York and Connecticut up to New Hampshire, it's phenomenal," squawked the guv on 'Box.'" "So yea I come and poach businesses all the time."
Which means the guv was at the very least exaggerating, if not downright lying, when he said he's "poaching" businesses "all the time" from NY and CT.
Consider the frequently disseminated "Governor Sununu Public Schedule." Rarely - even rarer than one of those stamps the guv's father likes to collect - does the guv have more than one "public" event on the schedule, and it usually involves performing an official duty, like a swearing-in or an Exec Council meeting.