GVDGame Video Disc
GVDGnu Visual Debugger
GVDGroup Velocity Dispersion (fibre optical communications)
GVDGreat Victoria Desert (Australia)
GVDGrundlagen von Datenbanken
GVDGefreiter vom Dienst (German)
GVDGranulovacuolar Degeneration
GVDGeneral Vesting Declaration (UK)
GVDGod Verdomme (Dutch/Flemish: God Damn)
GVDGreen Vinyl Dream (band)
GVDGodt Vann Drammensregionen (Norway)
GVDGestion et Valorisation des Dechets
GVDGroup View Display
GVDGalactic Vasudan Destroyer (game)
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Where s= sign ([beta]2) = +1 or - 1 relying upon whether (32 is positive (normal GVD) or negative (irregular GVD) The parameter N is characterized
where [[beta].sub.2] is the fiber GVD parameter and can be expressed as [[beta].sub.2] = -D[[lambda].sup.2]/2[pi]c.
The cDNA clones used to generate equations of standard curves for absolute quantification of Brazilian isolates of viruses infecting grapevines by RT-qPCR were previously obtained and their nucleotide sequences are available at GenBank <http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov>: GVA (accession code AF494187), GVD (JQ031715), GRSPaV (EF636804) and GLRaV-3 (KC519443).
The second solution to the problem of heuristic depressions falls on spatial abstraction from original maps such as GVDs [16] and clique abstraction [17].
where [A.sub.j] is the slowly varying amplitude (j = p, s, i), z is the propagation distance, and [[beta].sub.2j] is the GVD coefficient.
systems, with partnerships with Optronics, B3, GVD, Axis, Everfocus, Avaya,
At the General Veterinary Department (GVD), the largest government-run animal hospital in Sana'a that is meant to receive and care for farm animals in the capital city and its surrounding areas, there isn't an animal to be found.
Most of us have been traumatized by the death of a great Lab, and the duck world lost a great one too soon when mallard man Jim Ronquest of RNT-V lost his television star black Lab, Tank, last fall to GVD (twisted stomach).
SPM leads to spectral broadening of the input pulse and simultaneously an important linear effect, which is called group velocity dispersion (GVD), results in temporal broadening.