GVEAGolden Valley Electric Association (Alaska)
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Shipping fuel to GVEA adds to the cost, and there is greater economy in shipping power.
Although GVEA (On Reconsideration) was premised on the Native use and occupancy being open and notorious to defeat a subsequently granted right-of-way to Alaska, (19) even this check on an allotment applicant's power to defeat a highway right-of-way was soon abandoned by the IBLA.
When the refiner said it plans to shut down its operations earlier in 2014, GVEA was left without a source of naphtha for its North Pole Expansion Power Plant, which met over 25 percent of the total power demands for the utility last year.
Flint Hills Resources intends to stop producing refined fuels at its North Pole plant by the end of May, leaving GVEA in search of a new supplier.
GVEA spokeswoman Corinne Bradish stated in an email Wednesday that the utility hadn t been formally notified of the FEMA funding.
Since the sale was finalized after four years of negotiations, GVEA crews have been busy updating systems, retrofitting, and refurbishing the plant.
To buy the plant, it calls for GVEA from the state for $50 million and to install about $40 million in pollution control equipment.
ARCTEC's board is made up of two members from each Chugach, MEA, GVEA, and SES who direct the efforts of Chairman David Gillespie.
GVEA (Golden Valley Electric Association) has taken over the Healy Clean Coal plant and also plans substation work at Clear Air Force base.
Based on its website, GVEA has seventy-five members participating in the SNAP program with a combined capacity of 1.