GVEZGasconade Valley Enterprise Zone (Belle, MO)
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Main features: the purpose of this contract is to entrust a project management mission to a service provider with all the skills required to carry out the extension of the za de la douve, a metropolitan project also known as gev activ 2, as well as to its surroundings, in the commune of gvez. the missions of project management infrastructures (viabilisation and primary road), relating to the public spaces, concern the missions of the phase of preliminary studies (avp) to the phase of assistance to the owner (aor) during work acceptance operations.
Ce lot concerne les quipements et oprations ponctuelles situes dans les communes suivantes Betton, La Chapelle-des-Fougeretz, La Chapelle-Thouarault, Chevaign, Cesson-Svign, Cintr, Clayes, Gvez, L~Hermitage, Montgermont, Pac, Parthenay-de-Bretagne, Rennes (quartiers no2/3/4/5/6/10), Saint-Gilles, Saint-Grgoire, Saint-Sulpice-la-Fort, Thorign-Fouillard, Le Verger, Bcherel, La Chapelle-Chausse, Langan, Miniac-sous-Bcherel et Romill.
Communes de La Chapelle-Chausse, Gvez, Langan, Pac, Parthenay-de-Bretagne et Romill pour la priode 2017-2019 (Nord)
Contract notice: Diagnostic Study Of Sanitation Facilities Common Gvez, Parthenay De Bretagne, Rennes) (Clayes, La Meziere And Vignoc (Sanitation Municipal Association Of The Flume And Petit Bois)