GVFGlobal VSAT Forum
GVFGradient Vector Flow (image processing)
GVFGas Volume Fraction (multiphase flows)
GVFGoldmann Visual Field (ophthalmological test)
GVFGuyana Volleyball Federation
GVFGamma Vacuum Foil
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Intelsat's high standards in delivering training certification, ensuring network productivity and providing quality-proven equipment reinforces Intelsat as an industry leader in preventing interference and setting best practices benchmarks," said David Hartshorn, secretary general of GVF.
The Broadcasting Conference and GVF Menasat Summit are much-anticipated events that will provide a dedicated knowledge exchange environment to help companies expand and break into buoyant Mena market," Roberts added.
At the same time, the NPV 280 was developed, with the following specifications: 450 kW, 280 m3/h, 3,000 rpm, 45 bar-a DE 95% GVE Next came the PSP 114/54 with the following specifications: 400 kW, 150 m3/h, 1,200 rpm, 40 bar DP, 95% GVF, high viscosity test (4,500 cSt).
The online GVF Certified VSAT Installer Training Courses are administered and provided exclusively by SatProf, a company dedicated to E-learning for Satellite Professionals.
The GVF course, which combines interactive online training developed by SatProf, Inc.
GVF is proud to be an associate and welcomes this strategic development of the event," he added.
As the satellite sector has significantly grown, we are delighted that this exhibition, Satellite Mena, has been launched," said Martin Jarrold, chief international programme development, GVF, one of the leading industry associations supporting Satellite Mena.
Intelsat's 3-year program will provide free online training for a number of its customers and offer everyone access to a negotiated 'group rate' for GVF installer certification courses.
The new course expands NetHope's successful GVF training program from Nairobi, Kenya into West Africa, and will bring critical VSAT installation skills to the region as it seeks to develop its core communications infrastructure.
On these initiative, the significant expansions of the international program was stated by GVF.
Running alongside the exhibition, the show features CABSAT Academy, sponsored by twofour54 tadreeb, providing free-to-attend industry-lead sessions including the GVF Satellite Summit -- which will focus on key issues affecting both the commercial and technical sides of growth in the Middle East.
Drawing upon a combination of online and examinerled training, GVF has trained approximately 4,000 technicians worldwide.