GVHLGlobal Vectra Helicorp Ltd. (Mumbai)
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Such a program provides operators such as GVHL with greater peace of mind as fleet availability is enhanced, maintenance costs remain stable and the need to keep inventory is reduced.
GVHL is the first customer in the world to benefit from the HCare Smart PBH contract for light helicopters which provides the most adapted and cost-effective service package today, explained Xavier Hay, Managing Director of Airbus Helicopters India.
GVHL is India s largest private helicopter company, which inducted the first H130 in India for its on-shore operations division offering charters and religious tourism services among others.
The H130 has performed outstandingly, including several months of operations in the Himalayas, said AJ Baker, CEO of GVHL.
Under the terms of the agreement, GVHL will function as the master distribution marketer for the GlobalFirst program and set up major channel distributors.
GVHL also believes the GlobalFirst Calling Card is highly competitive given its unique suite of features and benefits:
Under the terms of the agreement, GVHL will function as the mass-distribution marketer of the program and set up major channel distributors.
According to Jack Chang, CEO of GVHL, "Our Global Rewards program will offer participating prepaid debit and credit cardholders a rebate of 5 percent on average and up to 15 percent on purchases made through participating merchants.
This program not only provides more benefits to prepaid debit/stored value or credit cardholders it also provides additional monthly recurring revenue to the distributors, since a percentage of the rewards go to the distributors, including GVHL, the master distributor.
GVHL is a financial services business and technology development company providing software, consulting and infrastructure for small to medium sized businesses and consumers on a global scale.
Pink Sheets: GVHL - News) is a developer and wholesale marketer of a new generation of prepaid (also known as "Stored-Value") financial products and services.