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GVLGainesville, Florida (airport code)
GVLGraft Vs Leukemia
GVLGreen Valley Lake (California)
GVLGezangen Voor Liturgie (Dutch: Songs for Liturgy)
GVLGenomic Variation Laboratory
GVLGarden Variety Lamer
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Of interest, several studies reported that patients with PTCLs had superior survival than patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and lymphomas originating from T-cells may be a good model for GVL effects.
Khaw noted that the GVL is a Malaysian Customs charge and not a toll.
Six studies [8, 9, 12, 13, 15, 16] (611 patients) compared the effectiveness of GVO and GVL in achieving hemostasis of active bleeding.
We decided to perform an indirect laryngoscopy using the GVL. The patient was fully monitored (electrocardiogram/ non-invasive arterial blood pressure/Sp[O.sub.2]/end-tidal C[O.sub.2]) and anaesthesia was induced using sevoflurane in oxygen in order to maintain spontaneous breathing.
In the presence of metal catalysts, the two acids react to form gamma-valerolactone, or GVL, which is currently manufactured in small quantities as an herbal food and perfume additive.
The process converts biomass into a chemical called gamma-valerolactone, or GVL, which in turn is made into liquid hydrocarbons.
A new version of the GlassVu GVL motorized vacuum loader has a new discharge assembly with a pneumatic, positive-seal discharge valve said to prevent leaks that can occur with flapper valves.
It is well established that the graft versus leukemia (GVL) effect plays a substantial role in the prevention of leukemia relapse after SCT.
The cylindrical body of Maguire's GlassVu GVL has a centre section of boro-silicate glass and the cylinder shape extends all the way down to the discharge area, eliminating the conventional cone-shaped bottom, whose narrow section Maguire says can cause agglomeration or bridging of material.
A CoSign electronic signature solution from ARX Inc (Algorithmic Research), a provider of digital signatures and data security solutions, has been implemented for GlobalVetLink (GVL), a provider of web-based services for the veterinary profession.
A couple of comments regarding the sidebar, "What The FAA Says," in March's "Lurking In The Murk." I am a relatively new pilot, flying from the Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport (GVL) in Gainesville, Ga., a non-towered facility northeast of Atlanta.
Who can sell what on a New York City sidewalk is governed by the General Vendors Law ("GVL").