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GVLGainesville, Florida (airport code)
GVLGraft Vs Leukemia
GVLGreen Valley Lake (California)
GVLGezangen Voor Liturgie (Dutch: Songs for Liturgy)
GVLGenomic Variation Laboratory
GVLGarden Variety Lamer
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Jackson furthered called on management to create an enabling environment that is conducive for workers on the farms of GVL.
We think that the clinical application of recombinant human TRAIL to human malignant tumors, including leukemia, can enhance the sensitivity of chemotherapeutics and increase the GVL effect of Allo-SCT, as well as reduce the required drug dose and the side effects, thereby effectively improving the leukemia treatment and patient prognosis.
The GVL enabled visualisation of the aspirated denture was then successfully extracted using alligator-grasping forceps (Figure 1).
The hydrocarbons produced from GVL in this new process are chemically equivalent to those used in the present infrastructure," says Alonso.
A new version of the GlassVu GVL motorized vacuum loader has a new discharge assembly with a pneumatic, positive-seal discharge valve said to prevent leaks that can occur with flapper valves.
The cylindrical body of Maguire's GlassVu GVL has a centre section of boro-silicate glass and the cylinder shape extends all the way down to the discharge area, eliminating the conventional cone-shaped bottom, whose narrow section Maguire says can cause agglomeration or bridging of material.
Mild GVHD with GVL is ideal, whereas severe GVHD is undesirable.
GVL, which is subject to compliance with various US government regulations, stated that CoSign ensures it complies with the necessary regulations, while improving efficiency in all areas of animal health and movement records.
46) GVL [section] 20-453 requires all general vendors seeking to sell non-food goods and services to obtain a license.
A study of thirty men whom the GVL placed in positions from January through March 1946 reveals that the organization's efforts were a success.