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GVMGross Vehicle Mass
GVMGnome Volume Manager
GVMGlobal Vendor Management (various locations)
GVMGroup Velocity Mismatch
GVMGlomuvenous Malformations
GVMGlobal Voice Mail (part of Unified Messaging capabilities)
GVMGreen Vegetable Matter (marijuana)
GVMGolden Vale Marts (Ireland)
GVMGold Volatility Model (Statistical model to predict future Core PCE index)
GVMGymnázium Velké Mezirící (Sokolovská, Czech Republic)
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El GVM se estructuro bajo la metafora de tres areas que aparentaban intersecarse entre si: la 'Plaza', que ofreceria el area de servicios del museo; el "Lugar de reunion", donde se tendria acceso a los museos Guggenheim alrededor del mundo, con multiples camaras--adicionalmente en cada una de las sedes construidas se tenia pensado colocar una pantalla para que los visitantes pudieran observar en tiempo real las otras sedes--; y, por ultimo, las 'Galerias', los espacios que al igual que en un museo real estarian destinados a exhibir trabajos de pintura, video, electronica y multimedia.
In our work, the GVM is assumed to be the attack target, and SVM is deployed with our security tools.
These ties, in turn, made it possible for Tata Trusts to encourage GVM to bring the ITE initiative into a number of village-based adolescent learning centers.
The results of glycogen, protein, fat, tau, Zn, Se, and ash determination in GVM and AM samples of Pacific oyster are summarized in Table 1.
Mature phases and developmental stages Length Imma- Developing to spawning-capable (cm) ture phase CA Vtg Vtg Vtg GVM Hydr.
The move will allow the Canadian company to step into the emerging data services market in precision agriculture, the buyer said, adding that the vendor is Pennsylvania-based GVM Inc.
Holes GVM 142 to GVM 779 were drilled by Metallica between March 2010 to December 2010 (comprising approximately 17,000m of drilling) and holes GVM-001 to GVM 142 were drilled by Straits Resources Ltd (ASX:SRL) between May 2007 and August 2008 (comprising approximately 6,000m of drilling).
Mendoza GVM (2002) Inventario de emisiones atmosfericas por la actividad de las instalaciones petroleras en la zona Central del estado de Tabasco, Tesis de maestria, Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco.
The terrestrial grids of each GVM model were converted to shape files (polygons) in the Arcview 3.
That's why we've realigned the pricing of our high payload, medium and long wheelbase base models up to 3000kg GVM.