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GVMGross Vehicle Mass
GVMGnome Volume Manager
GVMGlobal Vendor Management (various locations)
GVMGroup Velocity Mismatch
GVMGlomuvenous Malformations
GVMGlobal Voice Mail (part of Unified Messaging capabilities)
GVMGreen Vegetable Matter (marijuana)
GVMGolden Vale Marts (Ireland)
GVMGold Volatility Model (Statistical model to predict future Core PCE index)
GVMGymnázium Velké Mezirící (Sokolovská, Czech Republic)
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The GVM F2B Pitch Day was an innovative procurement method that delivered a faster approach to jump start ideas in the accelerating technology ecosystem.
And it appears that the relative errors of GVM indicate that this model is a more effective predictor.
In our work, the rootkit has root privilege access to compromise arbitrary entity and facility inside the GVM, including OS itself and applications.
Another example of the emergent processes occurred in 2012 when Tata Trusts invited an NGO called Gramya Vikas Mancha (GVM) to work with its signature program in adolescent education.
(2011), as follow: (I) Unyolked, (II) Primary growth and cortical alveoli, (III) Partially yolked (primary vitellogenesis Vtg1 and secondary vitellogenesis Vtg2), (IV) Advanced yolked (tertiary vitellogenesis Vtg3), and (V) Hydrated oocytes (germinal vesicle migration GVM, germinal vesicle breakdown GVBD, and hydrated oocyte HO) (see Table 1).
Notations GM: Grey dynamic model GVM: Grey Verhulst model TPGVM: Modified Grey Verhulst model at time response using the processed data BPGVM: Modified Grey Verhulst model at background value using the processed data TRGVM: Modified Grey Verhulst model at time response using the raw data BRGVM: Modified Grey Verhulst model at background value using the raw data [X.sup.(0)]: Nonnegative raw data sequence [X.sup.(1)]: Accumulative sequence [X.sup.(c)]: Accumulative sequence n: Number of data in the sequence [Z.sup.(1)]: Generated mean sequence e(t): Weight function [[??].sup.(0)]: Predictive value [(a, b).sup.T]: Sequence of parameters E: Residual [S.sup.2]: Variance of the raw sequence and residual sequence C: Posterior variance ratio P: Small error probability.
Oyster meats were dissected and separated into either samples of the gonadvisceral mass (GVM; including digestive gland, mantle, and gill) or adductor muscle (AM).
Carlo Ventura, MD, PhD Professor of Molecular Biology, School of Medicine University of Bologna, Italy Scientific Director of SWITH (Stem Wave Institute for Tissue Healing)--Ettore Sansavini Health Science Foundation--NPO, Lugo (Ravenna), Italy Scientific Director of Gruppo Villa Maria (GVM) Care & Research, Lugo (Ravenna), Italy Founder and President of VID art| scienc
Vans are available in three different lengths and two dif-f ferent roof heights with multiple GVM options of up to 4.7 tonnes.